About Us

Establishing ourselves as a one-stop supply chain

Seagold Mine Ltd has its connections with the seafood industry for over 30 years. Established in the UK in 2015, our international roots go back to 30 years of processing and packing Seafood in Karachi, Pakistan. We have our own fishing vessels alongside our own facility at the Karachi Fish Harbour as well as close ties to leading international suppliers. As being not only importers and distributors but also processors and packers too, we take pride in mastering the entire supply chain with quality products.

Seagold Mine Ltd was set up to bridge the gap from the suppliers to the distributors and to alleviate any compromise on Seafood. Therefore we set up our UK wide distribution in 2015 to supply our premium products from Pakistan to all aspects of the Seafood trade.

We have since evolved and diversified into becoming one of the UK’s leading importers and distributors of frozen seafood from different countries.

Today we offer you Seafood caught from our own vessels, processed at our own factory and distributed by our vans to your door.

The best relations

We take pride in our customer relations, right from the repressors to the fishmongers we deliver too. The Seagold Mine Ltd team endeavours to provide you with a friendly, efficient and professional experience throughout.

The best quality

Having had mastered the art of processing and packing, we have now taken seat to provide you the best quality from the range of Seafood we have. You can be assured that Seagold Mine Ltd will never compromise on quality and you will always have the best quality delivered to you.